Rules & Regulations

Newcastle Football Limited
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Macquarie Football Limited
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Hunter Valley Football Incorporated
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Regulation A – Definitions/Miscellaneous (PDF)

Regulation B – Zone Association Competitions and Administration (PDF)

Regulation C – Registration/Retention/Eligibility of Players and Team Officials (PDF)

Regulation D – Playing Rules – Joint Competitions (PDF)

Regulation E – Playing Rules – Zone Football League Competitions (PDF)

Regulation F – Playing Rules – MiniRoos (PDF)

Regulation G – Disciplinary Rules & Procedures National Disciplinary Regulations (PDF)

Regulation H – Football Member Protection Policies

Alcohol & Prohibited Drugs Policy (PDF)

Anti-Discrimination Policy (PDF)

Blood and Bleeding Policy (PDF)

Child Protection Policy (PDF)

Codes of Behaviour Policy (PDF)

       Concussion Policy (PDF)

Doping Policy (PDF)

Equipment & Facility Safety Policy (PDF)

Harassment Policy (PDF)

Hot Weather & Heat Stress Policy – refer to Northern NSW Football Heat Policy (PDF)

Infectious Diseases Policy (PDF)

Lightning and Storm Conditions Policy (PDF)

Pregnancy Policy (PDF)

Privacy Policy (PDF)

Racial & Religious Vilification Policy (PDF)

Risk Management Policy (PDF)

Sexual Harassment Policy (PDF)

Smoking Policy (PDF)

Social Media Policy (PDF)

Sun Safety Policy (PDF)

Regulation J – Infringements, Penalties & Fines (PDF)

Appendix A
        Section 8 – 2020

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