ALDI MiniRoos

ALDI MiniRoos

Football – A fun, healthy, safe and value for money sport for your daughter or son – and here’s why….

•185,000 children will play Aldi MiniRoos in Australia in 2019
•If your child is turning 5 years old (or older) on or before December 31, they can register with FFA, join a club and play Aldi MiniRoos in that year
•Aldi MiniRoos is not a program, instead, it is a modified version of the adult game designed especially for children, who have very different developmental characteristics and social needs from adults
•The philosophy of Aldi MiniRoos is on enjoyment and freedom of expression, through playing the game, with limited emphasis on coaching per se. It is all about the children!
•The formats of Aldi MiniRoos are designed so that children are challenged as they progress through the age groups and formats, 4-a-side, 7-a-side and 9-a-side, preparing them for 11-a-side football at the Under 12 age group
•Aldi MiniRoos is delivered by clubs throughout Australia through the winter months. There would generally be between 15 to 20 weeks of matches on either a Saturday or a Sunday, plus a training session during each week throughout that period. On average, players will be involved in around 30 sessions (including game days) each season
•Whilst prices do vary between clubs, the average cost per session/game is low, which compares more than favourably with other sport and activity options for primary school aged children.

Playing Aldi MiniRoos also provides the following benefits for participants:

– Accessibility for all, as it is truly aimed at children of all abilities, not simply the most talented
– With the removal of the emphasis on winning, children are much more likely to enjoy their football experience
– More fun and enjoyment, due to smaller fields and simplified rules
– More playing time, which maximises individual participation and involvement
– Far more repeated touches of the ball by ALL players on the field
– More shots on goal, and
– More involvement leads to greater improvements in fitness

What parents say about Aldi MiniRoos….

In recent national survey:

– 97% of parents stated that their child enjoyed playing Aldi MiniRoos
– 97% of parents believed their child actively participates when playing Aldi MiniRoos
– 92% of parents believed their child’s ability and technique improved playing Aldi MiniRoos

All Under 6 and Under 7 Players receive a free ball courtesy of the Newcastle Permanent Building Society, our Community Football Partner. These players will also get a free set of shin pads courtesy of Macquarie Football.

Register with a Macquarie Football Club here.